Kanasu Homestay and Rain at Our Private Hill

Relaxing on Our Private Hill at Kanasu Homestay

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Kanasu Homestay and Rain at Our Private Hill

After our ride to Chikmagalur, We were fast asleep due to tiredness and no sleep last night. It felt a little weird, as we didn’t realise where we were that day after waking up.

The weather looked as if it will be raining that day, so we quickly headed over to the hill just next to our Homestay. I think the whole area belongs to the owner of our homestay as the path was connected from there. The caretaker also told us that we can trek in the coffee estate right behind the Homestay. Which is only accessible to the people staying outside of the Kanasu Homestay.

Kanasu Homestay

The Kanasu Homestay translates to Dream Homestay and it’s really a beautiful place to stay at. The caretaker told us that the Homestay was new and that it is not known to many people. But it is available for booking online, we paid around Rs 900 each for 2 days which included the food. We got to know about it later as it wasn’t mentioned. You rarely get any reception except BSNL here as we had almost all the networks with no bars that day. We were staying in the dorms, which had 4 beds attached to each other. And you get complimentary coffee anytime you want delivered to your rooms. And the caretaker and helpers thrrr are really helpful, they also guided us on the places we can visit nearby.

Kanasu Homestay, Chikmagalur
Kanasu Homestay, Chikmagalur

We hurried to the place to take a bath itself in the rain, but the view guys from the top of the Kanasu Homestay Hill was amazing. With the vehicles moving around the road and with layers of green hills on covering around us. We saw some of the people staying in the Homestay heading over the coffee estate, but we planned to visit that the next morning.

Rain On Our Private Hill

Walking towards the hill the thunder got louder and in no time the rain started. We thought it would be fun to be on top of the hill, as it rains but each chilly raindrop shook every bone in our body. We still didn’t return and instead started to dance all over the place, haha it was fun to be there at that time. Which didn’t continue for long as we weren’t ready to get sick as we had to stay there for another day and later head over to Bengaluru on our bikes.

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When it rains in Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

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With a cup of coffee and blankets on us, we enjoyed the mesmerizing view of the hills from our dorm room door. Everything vanished in no time as the fog covered the whole of the hills. We had a plan to go out for dinner, but this rain wouldn’t have made it possible for us to go anywhere. And it was getting colder as the sun was about to set soon.

Relaxing on Our Private Hill at Kanasu Homestay
Relaxing on Our Private Hill at Kanasu Homestay

It Stopped Raining So Little Johnny Can Play

Yep, it stopped raining after some time and the bright red sun was shining on us. Inviting us to head over to the main city for the plans we had to be completed. We only had the plan to eat in the city but thought to grab some supplies for the bonfire that night. Something to sip/eat as we discuss the whole day or other random stories about each other.

Rain Drops on My Hand Before the View Vanishes
Rain Drops on My Hand Before the View Vanishes

We got ready and started the ride towards the city, and guys the best part was the sunset sky. Wonderful with so many colours, making the ride more memorable. It was dark by the time we crossed the forest and reached the city.

No suggestions for food here, so we went to this hotel with the brightest signboard saying “Maharaja Restaurant”. We were many so ordered almost half of the menu there, with juices, chicken, mutton and other stuff. With great food in our tummy, we were all set to walk around the market to grab some supplies for the night. This time there was no lights on the road and the max we were able to see was due to the headlights of our bike. Which was quite difficult to ride with the tyres skidding every now and then. But we made it to the Homestay safely.

Ending the Day with Bonfire

As we were going towards our room we saw the bonfire and groups of people sitting in circles around them. With some playing, music and chilling in the cold. The caretaker gave us a spot, too as we returned keeping our stuff in our rooms. Also, grab a surge protector if you are coming here in a group as getting a port for charging would be tough otherwise.

At the Bonfire, they started the Buffett, which we were invited too. It was when we got to know that the food here was too included in the money we were paying for each day. They had almost everything from salad to chicken, which looked really awesome. We were disappointed about the fact that we should have known this earlier. But nothing we could have done except to grab a salad plate and sit beside the Bonfire till the night ends.

Our Private Hill At Night

With our Bonfire still up we headed over the hill we went to during the rain. To just look around if we can see anything. We saw lights, at a far distance, maybe houses of people which was least we can think of at that time. Not being able to see anything else, still, we were there for some time. Later the caretaker called us as it was not safe to be there at night. We didn’t ask why it was not safe being there so late and just returned back to Bonfire area.

And that was the end of our first day at Chikmagalur. We are here just for a ride so we won’t be like taking all the exciting treks Chikmagalur is famous for. But we visited the most famous spot you gotta go if you are here. Which you will get to know tomorrow, so see you guys then.

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