Mullayanagiri Peak – How it Feels To Be On Top of Karnataka

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Mullayanagiri Peak – How it Feels To Be On Top of Karnataka

This is a recent realisation of my love towards trekking to the top of the peaks or wandering into the forests. Not someone who is quite healthy enough to do the big summits. But I have never returned back that I am too tired or any second thoughts that I can’t do it. Maybe this is my motivation to start cycling, learn swimming and do some exercise to prepare me to reach the top of these peaks. But still, it is not an easy task to reach the top as I have seen the best built people panting during the whole way.

Mullayanagiri Peak – The Highest Peak in Karnataka

Located in the Chandra Drona Hill ranges of the Western Ghats, it is the highest peak in Karnataka. At a height of1930 m / 6,330 ft above sea level. As we were staying a little out of the city we had to just travel 13 km from the Kanasu Homestay.

After Our Morning Trek

After our morning trek and breakfast, we were all set to reach the top of Karnataka. The pillions and riders were ready to start the engine, but before you need to drag your bikes down. As the Homestay we were staying is a little elevated from the road and the path was not that organised. It is a treat to ride around in Chikmagalur as the views are extraordinary. But the roads are still something that needs to be fixed, with many parts broken and some with small pebbles. Which slips the bike every now and then as there is no safety barriers around the corners.

People walking towards Mullayanagiri Peak
People walking towards Mullayanagiri Peak

Sullayanagiri View Point

As we were about to reach the peak start point, we saw that they were building the barriers which are what I was talking about. Which might help you avoid the dangerous fall from the top. We reached the parking area with lots of vehicles parked at and should have been the best place to park at for everyone. Avoiding the traffic we faced at the main spot which was about 2 km from here. A board saying that park your vehicles here for avoiding the jam ahead would have been really a help. As when we reached the place to see the huge jam with cars, bikes and even minivans. Making it impossible to reach the entrance. Also, that parking area had the Sullayanagiri View Point if you would want to see the view from here you can go there.

Being stuck in the jam we saw that at Mullayanagiri Peak there was a properly built stairway to the top. Crowded with people obviously, it looked like tiny/miniature people were moving towards the top of the peak. But the funniest part was that we thought that it will be a tough trek to the top which would need 3-4 hours to go and return back. But the truth was that we can drive till the entrance. And then walk on the 500 stairs towards the top of the peak to reach the temple. Which would take hardly an hour to complete.

The Peak From The Jam We Were Stuck In
The Peak From The Jam We Were Stuck In

The 500 Stairs To The Top

We took some stops in between to admire the serene views on the way, getting smaller with every 100 stairs we finished. We made it to the top Yayy, and from here we were able to see the whole of Chikmagalur. The hills and mountains stacked one after the other, with some which still had fog covering them. Now the place from where we came was converted to a miniature painting.

Tomb of Mullapa Swamy

The temple in the middle was surrounded by these walls made of rocks accumulated on each other. And painted white, which was really unique to see. People grabbing selfies and pictures of all the views around. To go to the temple you need open your shoes at this place and then walk the last 20 steps. Those last steps were cold with no sunlight coming here. You will reach the signage indicating the height of the place and what you shouldn’t do when you are here. You can visit the Mullapa Swamy Temple on the top of Mullayanagiri. Which is one of the reasons pilgrims come here for to see the Tomb of Mullapa Swamy. There were many people coming to the temple for the prayers and offerings. Also, there were many cows, around the temple.

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After visiting the temple, and spending some there with the view around us. We returned, I carried my shoes in my hand as the walk on those cold steps felt really awesome.

View from the top of Mullayanagiri Peak
View from the top of Mullayanagiri Peak
The Top :)
The Top 🙂

And that was how we took I think 1 and half hours to go up and down of the highest peak of Karnataka. There was not much we were planning for the other half of the day as we wanted to relax back at our private hill and end the day. But we visited one more food stop which you will get to know tomorrow. So stay tuned.

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