On Top of Mathanga Hills in Hampi & Getting Lost

On Top of Mathanga Hills in Hampi & Getting Lost

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On Top of Mathanga Hills in Hampi & Getting Lost

Read about our walk On Top of Mathanga Hills in Hampi & Getting Lost. After the Krishna Temple & Bazaar we returned back to our rooms. Our friends were there so we thought to go for lunch and try some Israeli food. Yeah Hampi is also famous for Israeli food restaurants and cafes.

The Chillout Cafe

We went to The Chillout Cafe which was just 2 blocks away from our place. The ambience inside was beautiful with painted curtains hanging around the walls. The floors had mat all over with low lying tables with mattresses on each side to sit or sleep. We were confused seeing that the menu which had no non-veg items. When the owner told us that the menu had items in Spanish and that the chicken we were searching for was called ‘Pollo’. After our food and chilling at The Chillout cafe we headed towards the Mathanga Hills.

Path to Mathanga Hill
Path to Mathanga Hill

To the Top of Mathanga Hills

I think we had an hour and half before our first sunset at Hampi so we rushed to the top. At the start point we saw a huge Nandi(Mount to Shiva) Statue in a shrine which was also made out of one rock. After which our journey started to walk over those unorganised and broken stairs to the top.

Statue of Nandi
Statue of Nandi

We were in the middle of the boulders again crossing some steps made us all sweaty as the sun was still there. No one accompanied us in the walk so we thought we would be the only one up there. But after reaching the top we saw many people on the side which gives you a beautiful view of the Virupaksha Temple and the Hampi market.

There was more

I walked through a pile of boulders towards the other side of the top and was excited to see. That it was not the top and that there was a temple on top of the Hill. From this side we were able to see the greener side of Hampi which was our spot to explore the next day.

It was a dangerous turn towards the boulder which you need to cross to reach the stairs. Without any support just to walk you reach the temple where we found more people. Waiting at the corners of the temple to watch the sunset.

Smiling on Top of Mathanga Hills
Smiling on Top of Mathanga Hills

The sky full of clouds made it impossible to glance the sunset so we headed back down. But we ignored the old route and took a new one with better stairs on the other side of the hill. Which was were we got lost and the funny moments before the end of the day.

Getting Lost Going Down

As we headed down towards the unknown path which we felt would be a shortcut to our rooms. Became the longest route we could have ever taken. We realised it when we were lost in the jungle of boulders which we walked up and down. Nothing too serious but we were laughing at why didn’t we take the route we came from. Looking at the sun go down and the place getting darker it was little scary as we had no idea where were we. After running around and looking for a way out we thought to head back. As it was getting dark and we didn’t expect any lights on top of the hill so we continued on the same path. Soon we reached the Krishna Bazaar and took a deep breathe of happiness.

It’s not always scary but getting lost somewhere you have no idea about can really give you chills.

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  1. Incredible captures.
    Dying to go there again.

    1. Thanks same here got to explore more it soon.

  2. Have always been fascinated by Hampi. But never could take the time out for it…

    1. You should definitely come when you get the time 🙂

  3. Loved the pictures and you write quite well !

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