Day 2 In Wayanad – Local Buses and Jeep Ride to Kuruva Island

Day 2 In Wayanad - Local Buses and Jeep Ride to Kuruva Island

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Day 2 In Wayanad – Local Buses and Jeep Ride to Kuruva Island

Day 2 In Wayanad – Local Buses and Jeep Ride to Kuruva Island taught us two things to keep in mind when you are wandering in a new place. 1 – Check the months the tourist spots are open and the timings you are visiting there. So with this in mind, let’s start the story of our second day in Wayanad.

Foggy Ride Towards the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary on a Local Bus

As we had many spots to visit the day we thought to start early at 8AM. So we quickly got ready and headed out towards the Sultan Bathery Bus Stand. To take the bus to Mananthavady and then from there to Tholpetty leading us to the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The bus rides in Kerala are an experience as the drivers rush through these narrow roads. Most of the road was covered with fog which made the ride more beautiful. With 50kms to cover in mind, we were happy to see some wildlife that day.

But after reaching the place we got to know that it was closed due to the forest fire. A bit disappointed as most of the websites mentioned that it was open. We didn’t waste much time there and inquired if the Kuruva Island was open. And the localites said that it is but that it will close at 2PM and the ticket counters at 1:30PM.

Jeep Ride to Kuruva Island

A bit premium price to pay, but we wanted to reach the place as soon as possible. So we hired this Jeep guy dressed in the cool local attire called “Lungi”. And the journey began with spotting an elephant on our way, just crossing the road. The ride towards the Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Island is through the beautiful village houses of Kerala. Also, we saw a house crowded with many people I hope celebrating something. But as we had to reach the Island before it closes so we didn’t stop to know what it was.

The Bamboo Log Boat Ride to the Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Island

One of the things you will be excited about the Kuruva Island is the Bamboo Log Boat Ride to the island. As at most places you will be charged at Rs 1500 or more but it was really cheap here at Rs 80/Person. We took the tickets and immediately ran to the queue of people to board the boat. From far we saw the Bamboo Log Boat carries some people back to the place. It was a big boat with many bamboos stacked together with ropes. Even the seats were made of bamboo for everyone to sit and enjoy the ride. There were ropes hanging on top of the boat which people used to pull the boat from one side to another.

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On the bamboo log boat at Kuruva Island.

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Life Jackets for everyone on the boat, but I didn’t feel that the water body there was much deep for someone to drown in. After one round of people to the Island we were ready for the same 20-30 people hopped on the boat to reach the Island. They pulled the boat with the help of those ropes which was slow that people even had a chat with us. Carrying the cameras and capturing almost every angle of the place.

The Kuruva Island

It is a 950 acre protected river delta on the Kabini River. And is the most famous tourist attraction in Wayanad. After reaching the Island we crossed the beautiful bamboo bridge welcoming us to the Island. You will see many such sheds and sitting arrangements on the Island made of bamboo and hay. The most common signboard almost on every tourist spot in Kerala was to not litter the place with plastic waste. Making it a plastic free state which is really great for the nature as it’s not that easy to decompose.

Crocodiles on the Island

There were also signboards of the different species of flora and fauna which you will spot on the Island. The most interesting signboard which I read was that there were crocodiles on the Island and to reach the spot. You cross this another bamboo bridge where the people were having fun in the water with uneven organised rocks.

Dipped Everything in Water

We took off our sandals and walked into the water like everyone. It was not deep, but walking towards the other side I slipped in one of this spot which was. And whatever I was holding including me was fully wet. Including my GoPro (Which is waterproof), Powerbank, Lenses, Camera Bag and batteries. By luck everything worked as I dried the same on the other bank of the place, but the Zoom Lens lost its capabilities to use the Auto Focus. Which I got to know after I tried using it after a month. Sad but I can at least manually use it to get some of the distant pictures.

Not allowed to See the Crocodiles

You are not allowed to go deeper in the Island after crossing the water body as that’s the place where you will encounter the Crocodiles. And due to the summer season the water at the place was down and it’s totally not safe to head there. Because I know people are allowed to visit the place as I see many videos and pictures taking at that place by many people.

Spending some time there capturing some beautiful moments we walked back to head to our next spot if that would be open for boating that day. To know what happened on our next adventure don’t forget to Subscribe to both my blog and Youtube Channel for regular updates on my adventures posted every week.

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  1. I remember the trip I took to Kuruva island and was totally in love with the twisted roots of the trees that formed such a crazy pattern everywhere!
    Loved the pics- nicely framed!

    1. Glad you like it @Shalini 😉

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