We had time to visit Neelimala View Point on our way to Wayanad

We had time to visit Neelimala View Point on our way to Wayanad

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After spending time at the Madumalai National Park we started our journey to Wayanad, Kerala. It was already a little late as we had our lunch on the way. Some awesome Biryani to fill us up. We tried to not eat as much as we could have. As we had a long ride ahead and it’s not preferable to have a huge meal when you are on the road. If you understand what I am trying to say :P. So let’s start on when We had time to visit Neelimala View Point on our way to Wayanad.

The Foggy Road to Wayanad

It’s impossible to describe some of the beautiful rides you can take around Southern India. This was one of those where you can call every turn as a viewpoint. Towards my left was the beautiful valley of Wayanad and the tea estates getting merged with the road. As the visibility got really low with the fog covering everything. It felt as if the road would lead us in the middle of the tea plantations. For us to try some natural Wayanad grown tea with all of it surrounding us.

We saved time to visit the Neelimala View Point

The roads were not that crowded after Ooty so we drove at the best speed we can. We had many stops in between but we reached Wayanad before we expected. With time in hand, we immediately headed towards the Neelimala View Point. Which I missed on my last trip to Wayanad, not missed, but it was closed due to forest fire season. It was on our way to the hotel we were staying in Wayanad. You need to hire an escort from the ticket counter, where they record your name and contact details. Before you can start your walk towards the Neelimala View Point.

Neelimala View Point

There are two modes you can take to reach the Neelimala View Point. Either by walking or taking the shared Jeep. They charge you around 800 INR for the jeep ride or 400 INR if you choose to walk. But I will suggest everyone take the walk as you can take your time to reach there and again ignore the honks of the Jeep which will take you back. Also, there is this coffee plantation area which was full of mud due to the rains the only tough stretch. Except which the stretch was really beautiful for a walk in the evening. After crossing the coffee plantations the Jeep is stopped and you still have to walk towards the View Point. Which was not that much but yeah, all depends on you to choose.

Our escort cum guide also told us that the whole area will be covered with clouds till we return. And the Meenmutty Waterfall too won’t be visible for anyone to see. We walked through these long grasslands you would have seen in many movies where the tigers hide to hunt their prey. Also, the path was around 15cm in width with the deep valley on your left with one mistake. And you will fall all the way down from 3000 feet and the condition after that is just something you can imagine. It would be an amazing spot for Bungie cutting through the clouds as we were almost on top of them. Our escort also said that we can see most of the spots to visit in Wayanad from here like the Chembra Peak, Chaliyar River, Sunrise Valley. And also that Tamil Nadu was on the other side of the view point. The clouds started to cover most of the valley as we sit there relaxed. The path would become really risky to walk on if it rained or got dark. I think this has to be the most beautiful view I have ever come across and a house to wake up to this would be really great.

What better than ending a day staring at a beautiful view point in God’s Own Country.

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As we walked back towards the start point we realised that almost no one was there except us 3. What a day it has been exploring the wildlife in the Madumalai National Park and then walking on top of the Clouds at the Neelimala View Point.

Hope you like the way I portrayed my journey. Suggest me something you would love to see on my blog. And also if you have any questions do comment down below.






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