The Journey to Sikkim with Nokia 8 #UniteForBothie Covering Both Sides of the Story

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The Journey to Sikkim with Nokia 8 #UniteForBothie Covering Both Sides of the Story

The day was about to end when I got a call from HolidayIQ. Regarding this awesome opportunity to explore 3 places around India which would be sponsored by Nokia. As they are launching their new Nokia 8 phone with the #Bothie feature. Totally excited on that I will be a part of the launch campaign of Nokia I accepted the offer. And asked that what else I need to do.

They sent me the details on how they needed this campaign to happen which was not quite much. As they were mostly looking out for people who can promote the #Bothie feature on their new phone. Covering both sides of the story where on one end you capture your expressions and on the other the view or the activity you are experiencing.

After all the formalities I had to just wait for the day when I will be accompanied by them to Sikkim. To cover the beautiful spots you can visit there and also get to use the phone which I think I would be the third person in India. As the phone was still not released in India for the public to get a hands on.

The Day Has Come

In two weeks we were leaving for Sikkim. I was prepared to face the cold there got some necessary items that I would require for the trip. And also read all the features I can about the phone. I had my itinerary ready and also the one planned by HolidayIQ and Nokia. Which I thought to cover if I had time after the necessary itinerary I had to finish. It’s better to plan one depending on the number of days and time you wanna spend at the place. Don’t take time into consideration as that never happens to be correct. Even if you are a mastermind in planning :).

The Journey to Gangtok

Our first day was mostly about reaching Gangtok. We started early in the morning from Bengaluru towards Kolkata. Where we had to wait for quite a bit as the flight was delayed and we took some power naps as I was the one who didn’t sleep the last night. From Kolkata, we boarded our flight towards Bagdogra. It was dark till we reached Bagdogra Airport but not the end of our day. We had a 5 hours car journey towards Gangtok and we were already late so we didn’t know much if that would also get late.

But we still had a plan to fill us up somewhere good in the middle of Siliguri. As we were starving after the tiny meal we had in our plane. Our driver stopped at this local North Indian place the Santa Banta Dhaba. Where we got to try some awesome chicken, fish curry and some fried rice. And we were again out on the road in the dark and were able to see some stars too. Wish if there was light it would have been a great view to ride around the Teesta River.

I slept for a while till we reached the Keepsa Residency our home for 2 days. Quite a fancy hotel with the old decorations a record player, Gramophone, it even had the clock like the old railway stations use to have. With many paintings all around it was a beautifully arranged place. Wish I could arrange my room someday like that. My room had it all from the tea making zone to the reading area. With everything made out of old wood giving the old school room vibes. And the bed with the cosiest mattress you can have.

It was 12 so after checking out the phone I slept as we had to begin early in the morning. More adventures coming soon do subscribe my blog to be the first one to read my new post.

Morning from my Window Keepsa Residency
Morning from my Window Keepsa Residency


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