Guna Caves – Devil’s Kitchen & Pillar Rocks

Guna Caves – Devil’s Kitchen & Pillar Rocks

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Guna Caves – Devil’s Kitchen & Pillar Rocks

It was my last day at Kodaikanal and instead of extending my room for the day. I thought to just keep my luggage at the counter and later pick that up from my hotel which was just next to the Kodaikanal Bus Station.

I was not able to visit the Guna Caves and Pillar Rocks so these two places were on my list for the day. And if there was time, I planned to go around some of the places in the city and cycle at Kodaikanal Lake.

Ride to Guna Caves

The tour, which we took yesterday was in a circle with all the tourist spots in between. So there is no way you can go to Guna Caves and return back instead you have to complete the whole circle. To return back to Kodaikanal, so I took this taxi with a one-way drop at Pillar Rocks and later walk towards the Guna Caves. And maybe get a taxi back to Kodaikanal, this was the plan for the day.

I talked with 2-3 taxis near the SBI ATM at Kodaikanal Petrol Pump. And later agreed to a premium rate as no one was going that way.

Pillar Rocks

I was early to the place and almost alone on the platform built for you to admire the beauty of the rocks and the view around. The Pillar Rocks are one of the most important places you will be suggested when you are at Kodaikanal. Just look at the beauty of these rocks and also the best time to visit would be when there is fog around the rocks.

The rocks get its name from the three giant pillars as you can in the view, shoulder to shoulder at a height of 400 feet. There is also a garden with a variety of flowers blooming here in the shadow of the rocks. You can also buy some locally made chocolate and other sweets as there are many vendors outside the gates.

Guna Caves

From the Pillar Rocks, the Guna Caves was just 750 metres, so instead of taking any taxi. I planned to walk the distance into the forest. There was hardly anyone walking on the road at that time. With monkeys on some part of the road but you should just ignore them. The Guna Caves ticket counter was crowded with many people and even the road after the parking area had many cars, even parked outside at all the places.

The Guna cave got famous after the Tamil movie starring “Kamal Hasan” named “Guna” shot in 1992. It is located in between the Pillar Rocks, and you are strictly not allowed to the actual caves which are also bat-infested and has been reported with many deaths.

Instead, you are allowed in this area which also looks a bit creepy with the roots of trees. But you can get some really beautiful pictures at this place. I crawled to the top of this holding those roots like the others and after walking in the forest. Reached this spot with the scariest and most epic views so far with the heavy wind blowing and no protection at the edge. One fall and I don’t know if you will be seen forever, so try to be very careful here. This place offered the back view of the pillar rocks and the platform looked like a miniature with the people from here.

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The Axe Forgets What the Tree Remembers

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While returning I had to run down from the other side as people crowded the whole area of the roots. There is also a viewpoint building for you to go up the stairs and look around. Quite an adventure this place was so far from my Kodaikanal visit so don’t miss this place.

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The stare from the top of Guna Caves.

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The Real Adventure after Guna Caves

The Real Adventure actually started as I enquired with the buses and many drivers who were booked and no one was willing to give me a ride back to Kodaikanal. So I thought to walk towards the Pillar Rocks and find a taxi there which was almost a fail. I was planning to walk the 8kms as I had the time but later got this taxi with the couple who allowed me to join them back to Kodaikanal.

But they had one more place to visit after Pillar Rocks, on the way to Kodaikanal. Which I too got to see as a bonus the Suicide Point in Kodaikanal. So I waited for them to come back from the Pillar Rocks and bought some chocolates from the shops there.

The Suicide Point in Kodaikanal

We visited the Suicide Point, which was the old name of the place. As it’s called Green Valley now another viewpoint you can visit on your way back to Kodaikanal. I have lost the count on the number of viewpoints I have visited on this trip, but each of them had something different to look at. And you will love them all, though it was funny to hear a couple visiting a suicide point haha. Wonder your mom calling you and asking where are you, and the answer can haunt her that I am at the Suicide Point Mom that too solo.

And that is the end of our first half of the last day in Kodaikanal. See you guys in the next one till then check out my social media accounts for photos and videos of my recent travels. Will love to see you there as well.

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