Experience Boating at Ooty Lake Boat House

Experience Boating at Ooty Lake Boat House

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Experience Boating at Ooty Lake Boat House

It gets tough to get a stay in Ooty on a New Year, so we had not many options. But the one we chose was 1kms downhill to the Ooty Lake. It was a society where our Homestay keeper had posted his place for people to visit.

After a good chilly sleep in Ooty. We woke up to explore the place after getting ready we go for some breakfast where we found this beautiful wall with the drawing of a flower garden. We see litter around the wall which saws the carelessness of people who just ignore the beauty of a place and make the surroundings dirty. #ᴡᴏʀʟᴅᴛʀᴀᴠᴇʟʙᴏᴏᴋ #my_365 #visualsoflife #passionpassport #peoplescreatives #ᴇᴄʟᴇᴄᴛɪᴄ_sʜᴏᴛᴢ #timeoutsociety
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After the New Year’s eve, and having an awesome sleep, we woke up in Ooty little late, but we had to explore Ooty and the first one on our plate was the Ooty Lake Boat House. And to try the boating there. Without wasting much time and grabbing some snack we headed to the lake.

The Lake From the Top
The Lake From the Top

Around The Lake

People at Ooty Boat House
People at Ooty Boat House

Not a surprise, but we expected a huge crowd there. Which would not disappoint you later as it was Ooty. The place you see in many Bollywood movies and read about in every romantic place on earth. We walked down from our Homestay to the lake and yeah, there was the crowd i mentioned above. From the tourists, locals and vendors even vehicles made the place more crowded. While going down you see a small ATV race course and an adventure park to play for kids. Lots of people riding horses and also vendors to give you an experience of horse riding.

Cycle Ride Course In The Woods

There is a cycle ride course built their into the woods surrounded by Eucalyptus trees. But we didn’t see many people there maybe as it was closed that day. There were platforms built of wood in different shapes. It would be awesome to try a ride there some stunts on your bike too. But do check the timings as we found nothing about it online. But people had good reviews of the place.

The Ooty Lake

Situated in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu. It is an artificial lake constructed in the 1824 by John Sullivan a British Governor. The Ooty Lake is the major tourist attraction, but it was originally built for fishing and ferries to travel around the lake. This place was later shrunken to give space to the racecourse, bus stand and the park.

The Tourism Department took its possession in 1973 to make this a tourist attraction by building the boat house. Providing boating facilities for the tourists coming here.

Boating in Ooty Lake

Experience Boating at Ooty Lake Boat House
Experience Boating at Ooty Lake Boat House

The different boats there include Row Boats, Pedal Boats and Motor Boats. Depending on the seats you need and the kind of experience you would like. I would suggest you try the pedal one as I have tried not there, but it’s great to have the control of the boat and experience the ride. But try not to hit other boats there.

We were not able to experience the boating their as it was already crowded with a never ending line. Which we only saw after taking the tickets and reaching the boating area. There must be a limit on how many people can wait and close the counter accordingly. As it was being managed by so many people and also charging a good enough amount. We found a person whom we sold it for a lesser amount.

The water has been polluted with the unchecked growth of weeds and people dumping their waste in the lakes. The government is trying their best to save the lake, but not yet been successful. As it’s one of the major tourist spots so even if you visit this place lets keep it clean guys for the future. Imagine if you won’t be able to see this beautiful lake with those trees around when you return to Ooty.

Other Side of the Lake
Other Side of the Lake

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