Winning The #IndiaOffBeat Contest By HolidayIQ and OlaCabs

Winning The #IndiaOffBeat Contest By HolidayIQ and OlaCabs

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Winning The #IndiaOffBeat Contest By HolidayIQ and OlaCabs

I know It’s been 3 months since the contest got over, but I am not really able to keep track on the blog so far but have started posting regularly. So here it is all you need to know about how I won The #IndiaOffBeat Contest By HolidayIQ and OlaCabs.

Who would not love to win a giveaway or contest? This article is about the #IndiaOffBeat Journey contest held by HolidayIQ and Olacabs. Winning which I was sent to explore the beauty of Ooty in Tamil Nadu and Wayanad in Kerala. This was my second time in both the places, but I had some unique places still to be explored in these locations.

Chosen The #IndiaOffBeat Contest Winner

Scrolling my Facebook timeline I saw the post which had the Ola Cab and description about the contest. Seeing so many entries everyone thinks that, would I be the one to win it and ignores. But you should definitely give it a try as the winner will be one amongst those groups of entries. This is not the first time I won any contest but feels great each time I do.

About the Contest #IndiaOffBeat

It was a simple contest where you have to submit a photo of your recent trip with a story behind it. I think I almost wrote everything that happened on that trip day. And also describe the #OffBeat location you would love to go. And accordingly, you will be chosen if lucky, to join them for the fully sponsored trip in an Ola Outstation Cab.

The Photo Which I Submitted –

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Last 9 Steps to the top of Mullayanagiri

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The Story –

“This picture is about the last steps which take you to the highest peak in Karnataka Mullayanagiri at Chikmagalur. Which is also the second highest peak in southern India. It’s a great feeling when you head towards a hill station in summer and that you won’t have to face the sun for at least a weekend. We started early in the morning to meet the sunrise on the road. After our breakfast, we drove as fast as we can but safely and were in Chikmagalur in around 5-6hours.

And the beautiful cold breeze welcomed us with the wonderful views, driving through the forest on the hill. This nature is really wonderful when you escape the summer in just some hours and reach a beautiful destination in no time to clear your mind from the crowded cities. But it is the roads which help you reach that place which is what Ola Outstation is all about to take you to beautiful places in the country and soon to the world.”

After Winning the Contest

After the results were out you can’t imagine guys how happy I could be. To get a chance to go on a trip with the brands I use almost regularly. I was invited to HolidayIQ office in Bengaluru to check out the itinerary and the way they had planned my trip. All went well and the only thing left was the date of the trip to start.

The Trip Day From Bengaluru to Ooty

We started the trip in the morning as we had a ride of 7-8 hours, including the stops for food and others. We had a Prime Play Ola Outstation Cab with a tablet you get in those cabs with fully loaded music, web series, and movies. No rules as we can take the cab anywhere on our way for the next 4 days. It was our driver’s 8th time towards Ooty so he knew almost every spot you need to explore there. If you would like to read about the Roadtrip from Bengaluru to Ooty Read my old article at – Road Trip For An Awesome New Year To Ooty.

That was it about the #IndiaOffBeat Journey. Don’t forget to subscribe my blog and youtube channel to read more about what happened after reaching Ooty that day. Stay Tuned.

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