Reaching Horton Plains and the Highest Railway Station in Sri Lanka

Reaching Horton Plains and the Highest Railway Station in Sri Lanka

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Reaching Horton Plains and the Highest Railway Station in Sri Lanka

Sometimes you need to be patient, to get the good news come your way. After walking all over Nuwara Eliya in the evening, looking for people to share a cab which I wasnʼt successful. And thought to book a taxi for myself even at a really high price, as I had no other options. But wait, as I reached my homestay the Lassana Villa after my very long walk. I met this lady from the United Kingdom, Miss Helen who also was visiting the Horton Plains the next day. So, I talked with her and yeah, she was happy to share her cab with me which she already had booked. So after the plan was fixed that we were heading towards the Horton Plains next morning we went to our rooms to sleep early so that we can start the day early. Before our planned cab would reach the homestay to pick us up.

Waiting for the Morning

After planning so much for my morning trips, It becomes a task to sleep as so many things keep revolving around my head. But this time I slept well, I think the tiring ride towards Nuwara Eliya, then walking around the market finished up all the energy I had. And I didnʼt miss the cab too, as I was up early just before the cab would have reached to pick us up, just before Sunrise. I had everything packed as I had a plan to take a train ride from the highest railway station in Sri Lanka.

After loading my stuff, we started the most beautiful ride so far in Sri Lanka. The roads, a lake, forest all covered with fog, there are no words to explain the view around our cab as it was so beautiful. If you want to know more about it do not forget to watch the vlog of my journey to Horton Plains in the video below.

After Reaching Horton Plains

After reaching the Horton Plains, we had to cross the crowded parking lot towards the ticket counter. Where we had to take the tickets after standing in the queue which comes around 3400 LKR(Sri Lankan Rupee) including the taxi charge for taking it inside the Park. You are not allowed to take it after a certain distance of 2kms but the ride in the park was also amazing we spotted some Sambar Deers on our way. After reaching the gates you can either take the right or left, but suggested by someone that most of the crowd heads over to the left. And that the whole path is round so you can either take any one them. So to ignore most of the crowd, we headed towards the right for our first spot the Baker’s Falls.

At the Baker's Falls
At the Baker’s Falls

Horton Plains is famous for the two viewpoints the World’s End, the Mini World’s End and the Baker’s Falls. Which I would suggest you guys not to miss as it’s really beautiful as after reaching the spot. I had to cover my cameras as the water from the falls was splashing all over the stage made for you to stand and admire the beauty of it.

Surviving the World’s End

Not wasting much time at the Baker’s Falls I started walking towards the World’s End as the view from the top is impossible to be seen after 9:30 AM. And also some of the days it’s not at all visible during the whole day. As you will only see the clouds covering the whole area and for a while, giving you the view of the magical mountains out there. And if the view is clear you can get to see as far as Adam’s Peak, we were half lucky to get to see some of the views as the clouds cleared for some time. Other than that it was all white and literally nothing you see except the white background out there.

The View which Vanishes Every Second From World's End
The View which Vanishes Every Second From World’s End

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Hope you liked this week's vlog of Horton Plains on my Youtube Channel. But that's not enough because some of the photos which I took on a trek to World's End have blown me away. So this week it's all about Horton Plains. The Story – It was tough to keep up with Helen, my friend from England with whom I shared my cab to Horton Plains and back. As the stamina and excitement she walked all over the place was extreme. But the walk was totally work even if you are gasping all the way which was my condition 😋. But I made it to the World's End. #srilanka #srilankan #hortonplains #trekking #walking #forest #morningtrek #wondersoftheworld #youtubers #instagram #travelinstagram #wanderlust #mravinash #nikonindia #sunrise

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But do not get disappointed that you too won’t see a clear sky the day you plan to head over there. As I was happy to walk the beautiful path that the Horton Plains had. And the pictures in this article will definitely make you want to visit this place at least once in life. And yeah, after surviving the World’s End we headed over to the Mini World’s End and not a surprise as it too had the view covered with clouds and nothing was visible from there too.

So we walked the way back to the entrance and yeah the left path too seemed quite interesting. Covered with lots of trees, but not an easy one with lots of rocks on your way which you need to climb. But we spotted some birds and also waited to see the Woodpecker which kept tapping on a tree but wasn’t able to spot it.

Horton Plains Museum

The Museum has lots of details about the whole area, the mixture of soil, which Horton Plains has in different depths. I read the story of this hunter who hunted down 3000 elephants and later died as a lightning strike him at the Horton Plains. Also, if you wish to collect some souvenirs and all you can get it from there.

How Much it costs???

  • Cost of Cab from Nuwara Eliya – 3000 – 3500 LKR Divide it among the number of people going there. ( You can stay at Pattipola and take a tuk tuk which can be done if you are alone as 3500 LKR is too much for one person)
  • Tickets for Horton Plains – As I already mentioned its 3400 LKR including everything the taxi parking and the visit.

How Long it Takes???

It’s a 2-3hours walk on the path and it’s not that challenging as you can take your time at the different spots around the National Park.

After my visit to Horton Plains, I headed over to the Pattipola Railway Station, which is the highest railway station in Sri Lanka at an elevation of 6225ft above sea level. And the place I headed to next will be revealed next week, so stay tuned for that article. Which also is a famous trek to the top of a mountain so. See you guys in the next one.

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