Speed Boat Ride at the Pykara Lake

Speed Boat Ride at the Pykara Lake

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Speed Boat Ride at the Pykara Lake

It was around 3 PM when we started to cross the hairpin bends welcoming us to Ooty. With every bend, the view got better and better. I wanted to stop at each one of them to capture the valley as we moved up. About 30kms away from our stay, we thought to try the Speed Boat Ride at the Pykara Lake.

Pykara Lake

Pykara is the name of a village and river located a bit far from Ooty. The locals consider the Pykara river as holy. With the Pykara Lake surrounded by Sholas (local name for forest), it has a Boathouse and Restaurant maintained by the tourism board of Tamil Nadu. It opens from 9AM-6PM and has the motor & speedboats.

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No Captions Just Dab.

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It felt as if we were entering a forest as we drove through the board which indicated the lake. It was a properly maintained road to the parking area of the boathouse. The temperature inside the cab felt normal but as we got out of it. We were almost freezing with the chilly wind around as I was in my shorts and no other layers of warm clothes to save me. As I didn’t want to unpack my bag to take out my clothes. We headed directly towards the counter to buy tickets for the speedboat.

The tickets were priced from 750-900 INR depending on the number of people and the boat you choose. This was the first boathouse which had empty boats as I went to the boathouse of Ooty Lake, Kodaikanal and Wayanad and never got the chance to ride there. Excited about the ride we immediately took the tickets and headed towards our speedboat.

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Time to board the boat. Bon Voyage Everyone!

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Speed Boat Ride

We paid 800INR for the Speed Boat which would take us around the lake for 10mins. We wore our life jackets and were ready to go on the coldest and fastest ride of my life. As the boat operator started to speed up the boat. The wind around totally killed it included with the sprinkles of the lake water. We were shivering on the ride due to cold but it was an amazing experience as the operator turned the boat around the corners at full speed. Which scares you with the cold weather and water which can freeze you to death.

But I tried my best to capture every moment of the ride and made a vlog of the lake too. Visit – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgUEP7xmnLQ to watch it. We captured some awesome pictures after returning from our awesome boat ride.

It was totally worth to visit here as we finally got the chance to try boating at a lake. And I think this will mostly be less crowded than the Ooty Lake Boat House.

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