10 Instagram Photos at 10 Destinations in 2016 And The Stories Behind Them

Alleppey Backwaters

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WanderCrumbs was started in the mid of 2016 after which I have visited lots of places. 2016 has been really awesome for me exploring the Southern India. Going on 2 solo trips for the first one needed some motivation. Totally alone at a place with no knowledge of the language they speak and people their. This post shows 10 Instagram Photos at 10 Destinations in 2016 And The Stories Behind Them.

With so many people starting to appreciate the blog in just 6 months. We have grown from 0 to more than 5000 followers in almost every social media. Also started this youtube channel to give you guys a visual vibe of my travels. Sharing the actual essence of exploring these places.

I am seeing growth in even my learning skills like photography and videography. But talking with the camera needs some serious skills but yeah maybe in some months will just get over it too. And I will start interacting more often in Video formats. As It has become a habit to use Instagram Stories sharing my instant experiences directly with you guys.

2017 is here so lets see where I take you guys this year. So don’t forget to Follow My Crumbs to Wanderlust.

#1 Pondicherry – Samarpan Guest House

My 1st solo Weekend Getaway to Pondicherry and first blog post about how I explored pondicherry. This photograph was taken at the Samarpan Guest House, at Auroville Beach. I got the keys of my cottage where I take this picture of the first thing I will see when I wake up and open my cottage door. To have the glance of the beach and sweet sounds of the place.

View from my cottage #SamarpanGH #AurovilleBeach #BackpackTrip #Morning

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#2 Pondicherry – Rock Beach

I spend most of my time in Pondicherry at this beach on my Weekend Getaway to Pondicherry. As most of the spots where you should visit in pondicherry are very close from here. So after visiting the locations I would return back here to just chill and I saw like the day, evening and night of this place. With very lesser people in the morning to more and more localities visiting in the evening. This photo was taken in the afternoon in the hot sun.

#3 Dudhsagar Falls

After our official Goa Trip we thought to visit here for an Off Season Adventure to Dudhsagar Falls  as we were to take some random road to reach there. As the modes of transport were closed for everyone but you always have another ways to reach somewhere. Which excited us more so we tried to reach there. And grabbed this photograph near the elephant stable or the start of the path to Dudhsagar falls.

Entry point to Dudhsagar Falls #dudhsagar #falls #Goa #karnatakaborder #swim #Chill #naturelove #wandercrumbs

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#4 Alleppey Backwaters – Kerela

My 2nd solo trip to Alleppey, Kerela. To see the famous Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race which includes 20-30 rowers on a boat cutting through the backwaters of alleppey to win the trophy. But this photograph was taken on When in Alappuzha Alleppey for Nehru Trophy Boat Race I visited the backwaters on a boat. And saw these romantic couple having a great time visiting God’s own Country, Kerela. You get to choose from a luxurious boat house, or a Shikara boat to explore the beauty of these backwaters.

#5 Namrup to Margherita

Back to my hometown Namrup in Assam. After a very long time meeting all my school friends their we planned of visiting Singpho Dhaba in Margherita which offers some crazy delicious food. This photograph was taken in pursuit of our journey which was about 50kms from my town. After crossing about 60% of the road it started raining which troubled us a little but we still completed the trip all wet. But the food there was totally worth.

#6 Bengaluru

Returning Bengaluru after visiting Yelagiri on a roadtrip. A hill station in Tamil Nadu which has not yet been commercialized like Ooty and others with very less crowd going their we had a great time exploring the place. But this photograph was taken while returning back to Bengaluru from our Road Trip To The Unexplored Hill Station Yelagiri . The sun was about to set and the dreamy sky with the colors welcomed us back to the town.

#7 Yelagiri

After exploring Yelagiri we went for this trek to the Swamimalai Hills. The paths were cut with different sizes of rocks, sometimes muddy which actually kills your balance going uphill. You are surrounded by the dense forest and the silence there provides you with different sounds you would never hear. This photograph was taken on our Road Trip To The Unexplored Hill Station Yelagiri in the middle of the trek where the trees get more denser after which you reach a shaded area full of trees.

#8 Coorg

The Coffee and Spice town or the Scotland of India. This beautiful place has lots to offer you. We went to this waterfall which is really famous the Abbey Falls but this photograph was taken on our Break from the Busy Town to Coorg and is of the hanging bridge just adjacent to the falls. But not accessible to people on that day maybe due the huge crowd there or some restoration in their. This bridge is located in a coffee estate maybe crossing which will give you I don’t know what but something crazy and beautiful for sure.

#9 Gokarna

Gokarna is for people who want a break from the crowd for sometime. With so many beautiful beaches to attract the sea lovers to the adventurous souls who love to trek through forests to other beaches or extraordinary caves. Gokarna has vast history with 100s of temples and forts around this place. This photograph was taken while exploring the Beautiful Beaches of Gokarna when we trekked through the forest from Om beach to Paradise Beach where my friend enjoys the view of the Sea.

#10 Yana Caves

Yana Caves is 50kms away from the main town of Gokarna. Its a great road to drive on but signages showing pictures of wild animals scares you little as it gets darker inside. After reaching which you walk through the forest, walking staircases, viewing some small waterfalls on the path. We were all wet till we reached the top as it rained and the evening fell very early making the place darker before we returned about exploring the cave. This photograph was taken on our Hike To Yana Caves after the caves exit on the other end. Check your feet after the cave visit as you need to go barefoot there and their are leeches all around.

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